Best ways to display your NFT

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about the best ways to display your NFT.

Best ways to display your NFT

What is An NFT ?

An NFT which stands for non-fungible token, is a distinctive unit of digital data that utilizes blockchain technology to guarantee its authenticity, ownership, and traceability. Unlike traditional digital files like images or videos that can be easily duplicated and shared, an NFT represents the ownership of a specific digital object and is securely recorded on a blockchain.

In this landscape, Solid NFT stands out with its high-quality printing technique on pure aluminum.

But before we dive into Solid NFT’s distinctive process, let’s explore some other alternatives available in the market.

Options for Displaying Your NFTs

Video display

A simple way to display is to use the functionality of your smart TV to display your digital art.
For an even better experience, there are now digital NFT display frames on the market. These specialized devices allow users to display NFTs beyond basic still images, extending your NFT showcasing capabilities to GIFs, animations and videos.
Here are some exemples :

Blackdove – This company specializes in animated frames through screens, allowing you to enjoy animated NFTs in your home space. Their solution brings digital art to life by showcasing it in a dynamic, engaging format.

Infinite Objects – They follow a concept similar to Blackdove but offer smaller prints. This option is ideal for those looking to showcase their NFTs in a compact, yet vibrant manner, catering to more personalized spaces.

Ionnik – Ionnik offers paper-like but animated frames. They utilize E-ink capsules which mimic the appearance of regular ink on paper while allowing the artwork to change over time, creating a living piece of art that evolves as you watch it.

Image Display

To give your NFTs the spotlight they deserve, turning to image displays can be a tasteful and striking option. Utilizing high-resolution screens and diverse framing options, these methods help in creating a personal gallery space right in your home or office.

Let's delve into some compelling options for exhibiting your NFTs in static image form:

Canvia – Renowned for its ArtSense technology, Canvia offers a smart and adaptive solution to NFT displays. The digital canvas can automatically adjust the brightness and colors of the displayed NFT to match the lighting conditions of the room. It essentially brings the beauty of a physical painting with the dynamism of a digital display, allowing you to showcase your NFT collection in a high-fidelity, realistic manner.

Meural – Meural is synonymous with versatility when it comes to digital art displays. The platform not only facilitates the seamless display of your cherished NFTs but also gives access to a vast library of classic and contemporary artworks. Its gesture control feature is a standout, enabling you to change the displayed art with a simple hand movement, giving an interactive twist to your NFT display experience.

Acanvas – For NFT enthusiasts looking for a minimalist solution, Acanvas presents a sleek and simple design that integrates seamlessly with modern interiors. The frame hides all cords and cables, bringing forth a clean and undistracted view of your digital assets. Moreover, it features an energy-efficient design, which dims the display when the room is dark, helping in conserving energy while keeping your NFT safe.

Each of these options offers a distinctive way to experience and enjoy your NFT collection. Choose a display that not only complements your space but also elevates the intrinsic value of your NFTs, bringing art and technology together in harmony.

The Solid NFT Process

At Solid NFT, we have chosen pure aluminum for its unparalleled qualities. Here are the critical stages of our process:

Analysis – We meticulously analyze the NFT to print, suggesting the possible print sizes to the collector for optimal quality, thereby ensuring that the final product maintains the highest standards.

Production – We produce our prints in our workshop in Paris. The production process is done in-house and all our prints are made to order. We use the sublimation printing technique.
This technical process involves printing the artwork directly onto the aluminum, ensuring unmatched durability and color fidelity. Here, the inks transition from a liquid to a gaseous state to permeate the aluminum, offering exceptional quality and rendering.
This ensures long-term durability, protecting the piece from scratches, water, and dust. Through this unique process, we can replicate every detail of the original artwork with faithfully reproduced colors.

Delivery – We offer reliable and secure global delivery. This allows us to be present everywhere in the world without geographical limits. In Europe, we deliver in 2 days, and 3 to 5 days for the rest of the world.

Workshop - Solid NFT

More Than Just a Print

At Solid NFT, we do more than just create prints. We have developed an entire experience around our prints for the collector:

Certification – Every print comes with a certificate that assures its authenticity and provenance. The certificate is tied to the NFT and contains all its information as well as that of the print. This certificate can be minted by its owner by scanning the QR code present on the back of the print, establishing a physical-digital link to the artwork.

Web3 Process – Incorporated in our approach, the Web3 process ensures traceability and security. It also facilitates offering the NFT print to its holder exclusively. Each collector wishing to obtain a physical version must connect their wallet to Solid NFT. The NFT must be present in their wallet if they want it printed, ensuring rightful ownership and secure transactions.

Solid NFT certificate - Pigments #793 by Darien Brito

While competitors restrict themselves to just printing, Solid NFT goes a step further by offering not just beautifully printed artworks but also certified and secured pieces through an integrated Web3 process.

Choosing pure aluminum is more than an aesthetic decision; it is a commitment to quality, durability, and authenticity, offering an experience that stands head and shoulders above the alternatives.

By harmonizing the physical and digital realms, Solid NFT is redefining how we interact with and own art in the digital age, providing a seamless bridge between collectors and their digital artworks.

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