Does NFT Printing Make Sense? - Exploring benefits and limits

In this article, we will analyse whether having a physical edition of your NFT makes sense

NFT Print

What is An NFT ?

An NFT which stands for non-fungible token, is a distinctive unit of digital data that utilizes blockchain technology to guarantee its authenticity, ownership, and traceability. Unlike traditional digital files like images or videos that can be easily duplicated and shared, an NFT represents the ownership of a specific digital object and is securely recorded on a blockchain.

This enables creators and collectors to establish the genuine nature and scarcity of their digital artworks, collectibles, or other digital assets. The advent of NFTs has brought about a revolution in the realms of art, entertainment, and digital ownership, providing a novel approach to buying, selling, and possessing unique digital assets.
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The NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) stormed the digital world, creating a wave of excitement around digital ownership and authenticity. But what happens when these virtual objects are given a physical life through printing? Is it a logical advancement or a misstep? In this article, we will analyze the pros and cons of NFT printing, examining the sentimental connection and the enriched experience it can bring, while probing the hurdles that may arise.

Benefits of NFT printing

Sentimental Connection

One major factor of NFT printing is undoubtedly the emotional bond it can create. Owning a digital piece of art is not just an investment; it often strikes a chord.
Being able to print one’s NFT allows the owner to appreciate their piece daily and share it with their surroundings. It creates an additional bond between the collector and their NFT.

An Enriched Experience

For an artist or a collection, offering the printing of their NFT can really add value to the collection. NFT printing pushes the digital experience in a more unique way by providing a physical dimension to the interaction between the artist, the collector, and the artwork.
This can also increase the perceived value of the NFT, especially if the reproduction is certified, making the ownership experience even more rewarding.

A Way to Democratize Digital Art

Through printing, digital art pieces can be easily shared and displayed in various physical locations like galleries, museums, or artistic events. This allows an audience not necessarily familiar with digital art to discover it in a more traditional context.

Token-Gated Impressions

At Solid NFT, we have set up a token-gated printing service. Having a physical version of one's NFT becomes possible only if one owns the NFT as it requires connecting one’s wallet to be able to print.
This ensures the authenticity of the print and ownership rights. Subsequently, a unique certificate is created for the holder of the print and the NFT to guarantee the uniqueness and traceability of the print.

Limits of NFT Printing

Compromised Rarity

One of the limitations of NFT printing is that if the print is not official, the uniqueness of the print is naturally limited. Anyone could have an unofficial printed version of the NFT, which could ultimately dilute its value and make it less appealing. It is sometimes possible to print an NFT without certification and thus without ownership of the NFT by the print owner.
This defeats the purpose of the print. However, keep in mind that such a print has very little appeal to its owner. Indeed, by doing so, the owner prints a work they do not own.

The Unalterable Nature of NFTs

Some NFTs, especially in generative art, are meant to be admired on a screen. They may incorporate animated or interactive elements that lose their essence when printed. So, in some cases, printing can go against the artist’s initial intent. Printing such NFTs is not very appealing as it contradicts the artist's creative approach.

NFT printing makes sense for certain artworks, especially when it is official and approved by the artist. It provides another dimension to the digital experience while respecting the uniqueness of NFTs. At Solid NFT, we add a layer of authenticity and exclusivity that enriches this bridge between the digital and physical worlds, making the NFT ecosystem even more thrilling. NFT printing positions itself as a unique experience, enriching the NFT scene by creating a tangible link between digital and material realities.

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