Metal prints vs Paper prints for NFTs

We have been working with Artits & collections for a long time now. Metal print are loved and chosen over paper in many cases.

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We chose Metal prints for good reasons.

In 2021, we defined with some artists what could be the best materials to display NFTs.
Paper was an interesting choice, yet we wanted something more impressive.

Metal prints vs Paper prints for NFT

NFTs change the way you can feel and appreciate art. We desired to connect and perfectly fit with NFTs uniqueness.

Metal prints have many features that empower NFTs correctly.

Here is a quick list :

  • High quality 
  • High-Resistance and longevity
  • Unique experience

High-quality ✨

Solid NFT metal prints offer extraordinary clarity and color restitution comparable to top argentic paper prints. The smallest NFT details are brought to life as metal finishes empower the artwork.

Metal delivers vibrancy and depth of color: white and black are more profound than any other printing method.

High-Resistance and longevity 💪

Our Metal prints are UV, Water & Fire resistant.

Regular Prints can be sensitive to changing environments; metal has the robust ability to even be displayed in your garden. This is an outstanding feature to have long-lasting prints that come with your NFT.

For example, storing NFTs for a long time is a crucial question many collections ask themselves. Many tools are available, but there have yet to be any best solutions.

Unique experience 🌈

Connection is missed and more than ever needed for some collectors. It can be very satisfying to touch it and feel the cold and glossy metal.

We have never been so close to an NFT until we print it.

This is generally the feedback that we get from our collectors. Apart from quality reasons, they feel pleased about touching it and watching it from a different angle.

Metal prints vs Paper prints for NFT

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