Solid NFT & the Decarbonated Auction

We are delighted to have participated in the "Decarbonated Auction" event at Le Bristol in Paris. We want to reflect on this evening filled with emotions and encounters.

Solid NFT & the Decarbonated Auction

We would like to thank all the actors of the evening, Le Bristol, BAAK, Stake Capital Group, and Over the Label, not forgetting Julien Bouteloup who hosted this wonderful event ✨

The Decarbonated...

Print La Degen & Solid NFT

The Decarbonated Auction was conceived by La Degen and BAAK to introduce the latter to motorcycle, car, and Web3 enthusiasts.

The choice of a decarbonized auction was made to highlight the convictions of each of the stakeholders regarding a future that respects the environment.

At Solid NFT, our prints are made in France using pure aluminum, a natural and recyclable material. We do not outsource our production in order to support our local economy while preserving the environment ♻️

We are aware of the ecological challenges, and that is why we decided to participate in this event. In our view, the key to a sustainable future lies in collaboration and mutual support.


Since 2012, the BAAK workshop has focused on designing and manufacturing parts and vehicles with the expertise of 20 craftsmen passionate about their job. Their creations have a classic and timeless aesthetic while being modernly handcrafted.

During this event, exceptional items from BAAK such as a motorcycle, an electric LR Defender, a motorcycle helmet... were auctioned off.

Scooter made by BAAK

Each of these items was sold with its NFT, created by BAAK, which provides exclusive utilities for its owner. These include invitations to private events, unique excursions, and unprecedented encounters.

NFT made by Solid NFT from a Scooter made by BAAK

Solid NFT & the Decarbonated Auction :

At Solid NFT, we were able to create a physical experience and utility for this NFT. We produced high-quality prints on aluminum for BAAK's NFTs. Each print was signed by BAAK and engraved with a personalized message.

NFT from Solid NFT and scooter from BAAK

We are proud to have contributed to the success of this auctionand and we look forward to continuing to create physical experiences for digital communities.

Solid NFT & the Decarbonated Auction

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