Which frame to use for metal print ?

Frames are one of our customization options, and this article will teach you about the different types of frames to enhance your prints and which frame to use for metal print ‍

Framing of Solid NFT prints

When purchasing a metal print, it is important to consider the frame that will best showcase your artwork. We offer several types of frames to meet everyone's preferences. Discover now which frame to use for metal print

Back Mounts

Back Mount at the back of a print
Yves Saint Laurent & Solid NFT

  • Our default frame for prints beyond 50x50 cm
  • Discreet
  • Easy to install

Back mounts are our default frame type. They are fixed to the back of all our prints less than 50x50cm in size at no extra cost. Beyond 50x50cm, back mounts are not recommended as the print becomes too large and heavy for this type of mount.

We chose back mounts because they are a discreet and high-quality solution for hanging your prints on the wall. The mount is fixed to the back of the print and allows it to be hung directly on the wall.

They are very easy to install, and the lightweight aluminum makes them easy to handle. They are also discreet and allow the purity and aesthetics of the print to be highlighted.

Black Display Easel

Black Display Easel at the back of a print
Yves Saint Laurent & Solid NFT

  • Elegant
  • Not fixed at the print
  • Museum-like display.

For small prints up to 20x20cm, the easel is a simple and elegant frame that will be perfect. It consists of a black base that holds your artwork in a vertical position.

The easel and print are not attached together, which allows more freedom for collectors in terms of how they want to display their prints.

It is very practical because it takes up little space. You can easily place your print on a shelf, table or desk without needing a wall to hang it on.

Finally, this display easel highlights our prints by making them stand out from the surrounding decor and provides a museum-like display.

Frame Mount

Frame Mount at the back of a print

  • Our default frame for prints larger than 50x50 cm
  • Robustness and high quality
  • Unique levitation effect

Frame Mount is a high-quality frame that is suitable for all print sizes. From prints at 50x50cm, we include it by default on the back of the print because its robustness makes it solidify the print and keep it in place.

We offer two thicknesses, 10mm and 20mm, for this frame. The 20mm thickness is recommended for prints starting at 80x80cm as it provides even more support and robustness to the print.

We offer this frame because it has many advantages. It is very elegant and enhances the print by giving it a painting-like appearance. We fix it to the back of your print, and once on the wall, this frame provides a space of several cm between the wall and your artwork. This gives the impression that your Solid is "floating" in a metal frame, creating a unique levitation effect on your artwork.

The Frame Mount provides an impressive and unique visual presentation that enhances the quality of your print.

Flush Frame

Flush Frame at the back of a print

  • Elegant frame
  • Smooth and uniform appareance
  • Immersive experience

The flush frame is a modern and elegant frame that we recommend starting from prints of 20x20cm. Like the Frame Mount, the flush frame adds visual depth, which gives an impression of security and solidity to the artwork.

This frame option allows the print to be inserted into a recessed box, creating a smooth and uniform appearance.

It covers each side of the print, making it completely attached to the artwork. When hung on the wall, it will have an exceptional appearance as if it were an integral part of the wall, creating an impressive immersive experience. The flush frame gives a modern and sleek appearance to the print, allowing it to blend into the decor.

Floating Frame

Floating Frame at the back of a print
Doodles & Solid NFT

  • Floating effect
  • Modern and sophisticated
  • professional and high-quality appearance

Floating Frame is a high-quality framing option that we recommend for our prints of 20x20cm and larger. Depending on the size of your print, we’re able to provide different thicknesses for the framing to ensure a consistent scale between your Solid and the frame.

The floating frame is made up of an aluminum frame that surrounds and protects the print. We offer two finishes for this frame, black and silver, to suit all decoration styles.

Floating Frame at the back of a print
Pigments & Solid NFT

Your print will be placed inside the frame, leaving a space between the edge of the artwork and the frame itself. This creates the illusion that the artwork is floating inside the frame, hence the name "floating frame".

This type of framing adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the artwork. The thin edges of the frame also draw the eye towards the artwork, highlighting the smallest details. The floating frame is often used by artists because this framing option provides a true professional and high-quality appearance.

Logo Solid NFT

It is important to choose a suitable framing option to enhance the presentation of your Solid NFT print.

We offer several options, from back attachments for smaller prints to floating frames for larger ones. The choice of framing depends on your preferences in terms of style and presentation.

Whether you opt for an elegant easel, a modern frame mount, a sleek flush frame, or a high-quality floating frame, we are pleased to offer such a wide range of customization options. Ultimately, regardless of the framing option you choose, it will add a touch of sophistication to your Solid NFT print and enhance its value in your living or work space.

Our goal is to provide a unique physical experience for each collector and now you know  which frame to use for metal print

We offer various customization options to make your Solid NFT print exceptional and unique.

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