Why get a physical print of your NFT ?

In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should consider printing your NFT.

Solid NFT Metal print

A new visual experience

Having your NFT physically allows you to discover it in a new way to appreciate its smallest details. The precision and quality of aluminum bring out the artist's most precise traits for a new look at the artwork.

Moving from digital support to physical support brings exceptional emotion for the collector and artist who can feel the power of the colors, contrast, and details of the artwork in a new way.

Our prints are of great quality and perfectly respect the artist's colors and artistic details. Physical printing also offers more freedom if you want to display it.

A personalized experience

At Solid NFT, we aim to offer a creative and unique visual perception by choosing the size of your print, its framing, and its finish.


Your print size can range from a few tens of centimeters to over 1 meter. This variety of choices allows the collector to fully enjoy their physical work to display it wherever they want.

A 20x20cm print fits perfectly on a desk, table or piece of furniture to bring a slight artistic touch to your interior.

A 40x40cm print allows for greater visibility when hung on a wall or in a small exhibition space.

Finally, an 80x80cm print creates an impressive visual experience in a large home or art gallery room. The size will be a major choice in your personalization process of the artwork. To enjoy its different display cases, it will also require frames that highlight the NFT.


Regarding frames, three in particular are perfect for NFT prints. The Frame Mount is a frame that allows the print to float in a metal frame. This support allows the artwork to shine and levitate in space, offering a unique visual perception.

The Aluminum Floating Frame is another framing option. This type of frame offers a modern and sophisticated touch to digital artwork. The thin, black edges of the frame also attract the eye to the artwork, bringing out the finest details.

Finally, the Flush Framing allows the print to be inserted into a recessed box, creating a smooth and uniform appearance. The artwork is thus framed as if it were an integral part of the wall, creating an immersive experience. This search for an immersive experience will also evolve according to the finish of the artwork.


A matte finish can give the print a soft appearance, while a glossy finish can give it a smoother and more reflective appearance.

A satin finish can offer a middle ground between matte and glossy finishes, adding a slight shine while reducing reflections.

Finally, a brushed finish will give a unique texture to the print by revealing the traits of the metal. This finish can give an industrial and contemporary aspect to the print.

By choosing custom printing options, collectors can create a unique visual experience that reflects their own style and appreciation of digital art. The artist can also use this new medium for their art.

An additional means of expression for artists

The physical printing of an NFT allows the artist to benefit from an additional medium of expression for their art. Indeed, it offers the artist a new opportunity for creation by allowing them to play with different textures, formats, and materials for their work.

This can also stimulate the artist's creativity by offering them a new playground to experiment and explore new artistic possibilities.

On metallic prints, some artists will create a work with a metallic, smooth, and shiny aspect that complements the metallic support perfectly. Other artists may prefer to contrast with the metallic support by imagining a work with textures of painting or drawing. This contrast brings a perfectly interesting experience to view.

In summary, the physical printing of an NFT allows the artist to express themselves on different media, ranging from digital to physical.

A physical collectible piece

For collectors, the physical printing of their NFT can be a unique physical collectible piece that can be added to their collection. Collectors can enjoy the physical and digital aspects of their physical NFTs and thus have a more diversified selection of artwork.

Furthermore, when an artist offers a limited edition of physical prints, it can be perceived as a reward for collectors. At Solid NFT, physical prints can be signed, numbered, and limited, which helps to strengthen the value of the digital and physical artwork.

An alternative for those who are not yet interested in NFTs

The physical printing of NFTs is an excellent way to introduce people to digital art. Collectors can easily share their passion for digital art with their surroundings. These physical prints can be framed and displayed in homes, offices, and public spaces to allow a wider audience to discover this art.

In addition, the physical printing of NFT can be used to help people who are not familiar with technology understand how digital art works and why it is so special.


In conclusion, the print of your NFT can offer a unique and personalized visual experience for collectors and artists.

At Solid NFT, we offer high-quality prints that maintain the artistic colors and details of the work. By choosing the size, framing, and finish of your print, you can create a unique visual experience that reflects your style and appreciation for digital art.

Physical printing also allows artists to benefit from an additional means of expression for their art, thus stimulating their creativity. If you are a collector or artist, consider printing your NFT in physical form to discover a new way of appreciating and sharing your work.

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