Darien Brito

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Darien Brito (Quito-Ecuador, 1987) is an audiovisual artist and creative coder, currently based in The Netherlands. From a musical background, Darien developed a strong interest in algorithms, computer graphics, micro-sound, generative art and complex systems. He taught himself several programming languages and got immersed in the creation of audio-visual experiences conducted by algorithmic processes.

Solid x Darien Brito

Pigments is an exploration of colour and spatial distortion.

Each instance is an abstract representation aimed at evoking a micro or macro-environment; from unknown substances, or oil in a canvas, to nebular formations.

Printing on metal provides a brilliant and luminous rendering that enhances the abstract details of the artwork.

Additionally, the metallic support adds an extra dimension to Pigments, creating an interesting contrast between the cold and metallic aspect of the support and the warmth of its colors and textures.

Solid Certificate - Pigments #793

Final print process - Pigments

I tend to base my work on principles from math or science.

But I have a general dislike for lengthy text and conceptual formulations that attempt to justify the depth and importance of the work.

I prefer short and simple words to offer spectators the space of personal interpretation.

Darien Brito - 2021 - JeffgDavis

Back metal print - Pigments #198

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