Is it possible to customise an NFT print?

Printing your NFT is a brilliant idea to savor a new visual experience of your NFT. It also provides the opportunity to share it more easily with loved ones and to display it in your room, living room, and so on.Let's explore together all the available options to print your NFT!

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Printing your NFT is a brilliant idea to savor a new visual experience of your NFT.
It also provides the opportunity to share it more easily with loved ones and to display it in your room, living room, and so on.

Let's explore together all the available options to print your NFT!

We will first examine the different types of supports available, and then the customization options that we offer at Solid NFT for your print. Everything we offer aims to make your physical edition unique and exceptional ✨.


Do you own an NFT that you want to print? Excellent idea, but choosing the support can be complex. Here are some suggestions that we recommend at Solid NFT:


If your NFT has a painting, drawing, or canvas aspect and texture, we recommend choosing paper as the print medium. This will enhance and match the artist's style. For this traditional support, you can contact the artist, some offer official paper prints. Otherwise, art curators like Tender Art, GM Studio, or Verse also offer this type of print. You can also turn to your local printers for this support.

The paper medium is traditional but can produce a beautiful rendering depending on the NFT.


If your NFT is animated, the screen is the medium we recommend. It allows presenting the NFT in its entirety, in motion. The screen also offers color customization as the color rendering can be easily adjusted. It's the medium that allows displaying the NFT exactly as the artist imagined because the original file can be directly displayed. Among the workshops that offer screens, we recommend BlackDove for exceptional quality.

3D Printing

If your NFT represents a character or an animal, as with the PFP for example, 3D printing can be a wise choice! It allows having a reproduction of your NFT in a unique style. Invisible Friends has indeed offered it to its holders and the result is really cool. It's a cool idea to reward holders because, in addition to a physical edition, it's a decorative object to place on your desk, table, etc.


Finally, we highly recommend aluminum as a medium for different types of NFTs. PFPs look incredible on aluminum, but also and especially digital works that are not suitable for a paper rendering. We have, for example, collaborated with many Artblocks artists like Darien Brito, Rvig, Phenomena, xnmtrc, to offer a physical experience to their works.
Aluminum offers color fidelity and a unique representation of your NFTs. This medium is also extremely durable and adds a modern touch to your interior.
If you own PFPs like BAYC, Punk, CloneX, or generative artworks, do not hesitate to opt for a metal print.

Here are the additional customizations we offer for your metal print, to make it truly unique:


In our workshop in Paris, we have one of the largest printers in Europe. This allows us to offer a wide variety in the size of your print. We can make small prints of 10x10cm or immense prints of 120x120cm.

Concerning the format of the print, we cut the metal to measure, so we adapt to the format and quality of your NFT to offer ultra-customized sizes. If the quality of the NFT is good, we can offer you a wide variety of sizes, small and very large. We have developed in-house software that suggests sizes based on quality directly on our site.

You are therefore free to choose the size you want, but we would be happy to assist you if needed 🙂


The second customization to consider is the type of finish we offer.

Here are the 3 possible types of finishes:

  • Glossy - provides a smooth, glossy finish. Suitable for a more eye-catching and visually striking appearance.
  • Matte - gives a soft, matte appearance to the touch. Suitable for a more discreet and elegant look.
  • Metallic - leaves the metal surface visible while providing a matt appearance. Suitable for a modern, minimalist look, while allowing the underlying metal details to be seen.


Next, to hang your print, different options are available to you.

Back Mounts

  • Our default frame for prints beyond 50x50 cm
  • Discreet
  • Easy to install

Black Display Easel

  • Elegant
  • Not fixed at the print
  • Museum-like display

Frame Mount

  • Our default frame for prints larger than 50x50 cm
  • Robustness and high quality
  • Unique levitation effect

Flush Frame

  • Elegant frame
  • Smooth and uniform appareance
  • Immersive experience

Floating Frame

  • Floating effect
  • Modern and sophisticated
  • professional and high-quality appearance

For more information, check out this article → Frame choice for metal printing

Customise the back of your print

If you want marking on the back, like a signature, a logo, a message, we can do it with pleasure. You just need to contact us before placing an order to discuss it together. Having customization on the back can be an excellent idea if you plan to gift the print, or even for yourself if you want a unique edition.

At Solid NFT, we strive to offer an increasingly unique and exceptional physical experience. We are proud to be able to offer so much customization around our prints and we are delighted to share it with you.

Enjoy your print! ✨

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