Owen Moore

Through this collaboration, Owen Moore wanted to create a physical connection between his artworks and collectors. Printing on metal was the most effective method to preserve the precision and intricate of Erratic.

Unique metal Prints for Erratic collectors.

Erratic - Irregular in performance, behaviour, or attitude; inconsistent and unpredictable

"As a nascent artist working to hone my artistic abilities and establish myself within a historical art movement, I have often experienced stress along my journey. This collection captures these internal struggles as fragmented waves of colour arranged across a spectrum of relative calms, chaotic bursts, and winding paths. Each piece reflects a unique sense of uncertainty."

Owen Moore, Artblocks 2022

Erratic - A generative artwork

The work begins with a euclidean coordinate space intended to render a smoothed half-torus which is then randomly mutated through progressive iterations of translations, rotations, polar reflections, slices, twists, and distortions. This pattern of operations produces a nearly infinite set, shaped only by the defined input ranges, from which each piece will be minted.

Erratic & Solid NFT - A physical experience

By offering our prints on aluminum to its collectors, Owen Moore has aimed to provide a new visual experience to its artworks.

The purity of the aluminum in our prints helps maintain a purist’s form of Erratic envisioned by the artist.

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