Phenomena aimed to create a physical connection between his artwork and collectors. Printing on metal was the most relevant experience for preserving the colors and subtle details of Longing

Unique metal Prints for Longing collectors.

Becoming the Mountains and Rivers

The series explores the mythic idea of a time that came before, when we were one with nature and ourselves. This landscape refuses to hold still. Instead, the viewer is asked to contemplate about being the constant in this ever changing space. They are the only thing that can create a true moment in an otherwise fluid and dynamic world.


Time lapse after draw starting at the featured time and transitioning to the local time of the work, when local time is settled the work will display the current time and evolve the sky with it. Accompanied with the slow movement of colors ramps in the landscape, and water rippling.

Our metal prints add a depth effect ideally suited for Longing

We are proud to have brought out the artist's emotions and feelings in our prints, and we hope to bring collectors a new visual experience of Longing.

"The rendering of Longing with your metal prints is beautiful."


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