Through this collaboration, Rvig wanted to create a physical link between Volute and its collectors. Printing on metal was the most relevant experience in transcribing the colors of Volute.

Unique metal Prints for Volute collectors.

The strength and roughness of metal counterbalanced with the finesse and subtlety of Volute are in the continuity of the oppositions that Rvig wished to put forward in his work.

Volute is the result of brutal symmetries and complexities softened by the decentring and subtle transparencies of the layers. And a soulless algorithm counterbalanced by the exclusive use of colors from nature as primary sources.

Volute #0

We have therefore adapted to Rvig's wish that the physical version of his work is faithful to the digital version.

We are proud to have brought out the artist’emotions and feelings in our prints, and we hope to bring collectors a new visuel experience of Volute

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