xnmtrc aimed to establish a tangible connection between their artworks and collectors. Printing on metal was the most effective method to retain the precision and delicate nuances of Freeplan.

Unique metal Prints for Freeplan collectors.

Freeplan: as a concept

Freeplan is a modern architecture concept that aims to break conventional boundaries of building plans by allowing components to create complex volumes. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe explored this idea by removing supporting structural walls, adding glass openings, and creating flat roofs to create unconventional spatial experiences.

Freeplan: as a generative artwork

Frank Lloyd Wright has a sentence in an interview; “…the box was a fascist symbol and the architecture of freedom/democracy needed something besides the box.”. As an architect, xnmtrc decided to follow this idea for a project. After couple of experiments, he discovered that a perfect way to do this would be to code the whole system for an architectural project and let the algorithm determine the volumes without an architect or a human touch. The algorithm would create unconventional spaces as early modernist architects did.

Freeplan: as a new visual experience

By offering our prints on metal to its collectors, xnmtrc has aimed to provide a new visual experience to its artworks. Metal helps bring the vision of modern architecture to life as it offers great sharpness, intense brightness, and impressive precision.

"SolidNFT provides the perfect medium to convey the raw and austere feeling of modernist architecture. I cannot think of a better way to capture a Freeplan"

- xnmtrc

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